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Hunting and Fishing EGuides

The links below provide a wealth of valuable information and tips on outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. These are downloadable ebooks and can be securely purchased and accessed online.

Ebook Resource Guides, Hunting and Fishing Tips


At Last! A Proven Method For Catching Trout Every Time You Go Fishing!

wyoming trout fishing tips picture and link
And it’s dead easy to learn. Read on to discover how the skills and methods used by Hunters are astonishingly effective for catching fish. You really can catch a bag full on every trip!

There is more to fishing than you might have first thought. To be more precise, there’s more to the fish themselves and how they think, than you would have ever even considered.
Understanding How Fish Think Is The Key To Successful Fishing!

Order the book, and give it your own personal “test run”. Take a full 60 Days, and use it as your own. If you aren’t catching at least one trout on every single trip…or if for any other reason you’re not completely thrilled…simply send me an email directly… and I’ll rush you a complete refund of every cent. No questions asked. No hassle. No Delay. So act now. Click below to order, right now, while you’re still fired up about how many trout you will catch on your next trip. Remember… you don’t risk a cent. And you get so much, it’s almost unbelievable.

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Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed! How to Take the Best Buck of Your Life.

deer hunting secrets ebook picture and link
"You're About To Learn The 'Secrets' That Most Hunters WILL NEVER Know About How To Take BIG Bucks..." Learn More Tactics, See More Deer and Harvest Trophy Bucks Like You Never Thought Possible Before!

Taking a BIG buck, a trophy buck, is a dream to most hunters. To be able to do it consistently is what separates the experts from the wanna-bees.

100 percent guarantee logoThink about it - deer hunting is all about knowing deer habits, where and how they spend their time and what they do under varying conditions.

Successful deer hunting - finding and taking those trophies - happens when you discover all the secrets to get into the right position to harvest them. That, my friend, is what this book is all about!

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Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Guide

elk hunting guide book picture and link
Discover the secrets of a successful Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt.

"Imagine Having In Your Possession What Other Elk Hunters Only Dream Of Having…….. Access To All The Insider Tips And Secrets To Experience A Properly Planned, Well Executed, Almost Stress Free Elk Hunt Of A Lifetime!"

Let's face it, preparation is key to any trip you take. And Elk hunting is no exception………... Set out unprepared and you could be asking for trouble. I've been an elk hunter, packer and guide for over 15 years and I've seen so many elk hunters come with high expectations and leave with them dashed.

I finally decided that it was time to share what I knew so I could help as many elk hunters as possible be able to experience an elk hunt without all the frustration.

I've taken all my years of elk hunting experience and expertise and packaged it into one easy to read guide. I am even offering a free preview!

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Trout Fish Bait Recipes, Homemade

homemade trout bait recipes ebook picture and link
How a Man, Armed only with a Bamboo Pole and a Baggie of a Mysterious Ball of Bait, Caught his Limit of Trout before my Buddy and Me Realized what Happened.

You will catch more and bigger Trout with Your Own Fish Bait Recipes for Making Homemade Fish Bait – Guaranteed

* Easy to obtain ingredients
* Very low cost
* Many baits can be made in literally minutes
* 20 trout bait formulas
* Easy to follow recipes

satisfaction guaranteed logoDownload the recipe book and try out these fish bait recipe formulas on your next fishing outing. If you are not completely satisfied with the book for any reason or no reason at all, simply contact me within 60 days and I’ll issue you a cheerful refund.

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Fly Fishing From Scratch Ebook For Fly Fisherman

fly fishing tips ebook picture and link
Who Else Wants To Learn How To Maximize Their Fly Fishing Success In The Shortest Time Possible?

If you're looking to get started in fly fishing or catch more fish, then you’ve come to the right place! I strongly urge you to read more - it’ll make a huge difference to your fly fishing success!...

You’re probably making critical mistakes in your efforts at fly fishing and don’t even know it! These mistakes will not only harm your chances of catching many fish, you won’t experience the true fun of fly fishing as a result of your lack of success. I’ve trained a lot of people to become fantastic at fly fishing and love passing on the joy of my life long passion.

I created Fly Fishing From Scratch with the goal in mind of producing the most comprehensive, easy to follow, guide to Fly Fishing. I’ve even included online video lessons to go with my guide to ensure that no stone is left unturned to guarantee your fly fishing success!

Fly Fishing From Scratch is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. All I need to do is send an email to say that I’m not satisfied (for any reason, even if it is because I don’t like the pictures) and I’ll receive my money back.

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