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Riverside Garage Services

Riverside Garage and Cabins not only provides for all of your vacation needs, but also provides goods and services year around to the local town and surrounding area. Here is a list of a few of our services.

Services Provided


Cabin Rental

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We offer 9 cabins for rent. Whether you are staying one night or one month, a family of 6 or a solo guest, we have a cabin to suit you. Each is unique in functionality as well as character and only a stones throw from the Encampment River. Please look at our rates page for more detailed cabin descriptions and pricing.


Camping and Fishing Gear

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This area has some beautiful lake, river and stream fishing and we have the gear to help you catch the big one. If you want to sleep under the stars, we also have a good supply of camping equipment to make you more comfortable.

Groceries and Supplies

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We have a store full of those necessities you might need. Bread, canned goods, eggs, even ice cream, it's all here! We also have a huge variety of items waiting for you to explore. You could come here to refill on your propane, and rent a movie to take home as well. If there is something you need, come find it here.

Hardware Store

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There is a great supply of hardware items here. We serve as the area hardware store and have the items you may need to complete your project or make that repair.

Fuel and Tire Service

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Riverside Garage and Cabins is a self service gas station. We also have new and used tires for sale and can fix your flat in record time. For more than 50 years this garage has been putting tires on cars, trucks, tractors and anything else with wheels!